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HKYK Seafood Hotpot: I forgot to order deep fried buns:(

A night at Casino concluded with some hot pot. Sounds like a game plan to me. Oh yes, and I played blackjack for the first time ever in my life with the help of W to the left and B to the right informing me to “hit or pass”. That makes me giggle. Similar to how I portray Kim kadash. Speaking of her, Kim just filed for divorce. You cannot imagine the immensity of the fuck I do not give. On to some real news, HKYK hotpot was such a huge disappointment.

I use to come here often, especially with the family. They have an excellent source of regular menu from what I remember. And from what I remember, their “special sauce” which is the picture above to your right (the sauce thing with the green things in it.) that was my FAVOURITE!! They charge you $5 for that bowl, but for some reason I didn’t like it on Friday. We went with the all you can eat menu for $20 per person, the menu is slightly difficult. I say difficult because most of the items were out of stock?! On top of that, it took three different Chinese server to understand what ‘Chinese’ noodles we were looking for.. Okay….

Yeah that is about it. Items were out of stock. I know I shouldn’t blame them but I really hate that, so screw you HKYK for not having my fish puffs. Hotpot was average. They have an okay selection of all-you-can-eat menu items. They also have dim sum on all night, we ordered the chicken feet and it was gross. I didn’t try it, because it looked gross.

PS: If you do however come here, I beg you to order their deep fried buns. ITS FUCKING AMAZING. So amazing I forgot to order it. Argh. Anywho. Order this for me. And don’t eat it seductively. Eat it like a rabid monster, like it’s your last meal and some bitch is gonna rip it from your hands. “My cold, dead hands.”, you say creepily. But either than that, I honestly don’t believe I will be visiting HYKY anytime soon. I hate it when that happens, one bad experience and you’re nonexistent to me now.

HKYK Seafood Hot Pot Restaurant 香港英記火鍋海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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