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Be ‘Wiched Cafe: TDF pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich.

Be ‘Wiched Cafe: (A) 15230 56 Ave (N) 604-575-3287

You know how I feel? I feel that every freaking year that I start aging, & go through the whole Christmas holiday season, I become more and more jealous of Jewish people (you do not insert sarcasm here), I mean it. I can’t believe I’ve spent 21 years of my live only celebrating this holiday once a year while my Jewish friends got themselves a full 8 days to exchange presents, eat and eat and eat, and all that good junk in between. That’s 8x more than what we get. Then I started connecting the dots and realize, wow fuck the 8 days of festive, there is a terrible price to pay. If I were Jewish. I’d had to give up eating pork. Whoa there. Can’t do it. That’s not the life for me.

This little hidden gem is located in the unknown area of “Surrey”. I wouldn’t even call it “Surrey”. It’s more towards Panorama, wherever the hell that is. I hardly come around this area unless I am passing by it to get to White Rock. Anyhow, this whole neighborhood is brand spanking new. I remember when it all use to be just industrial and trees, now there’s a whole population invested in here. Be ‘Wiched cafe is just inside one of the many newly built plaza.

  • Grilled Cheese w/ Pulled Pork: The owner told me it’s “TO DIE FOR” so if you didn’t know what “TDF” stands for. Now you do. They are honest to god, to-fucking-die-for. Meaning I will die for them, reincarnate myself & die for them again. You take an awesome grilled cheese sandwich, flood it with some amazing pulled pork. Holy heavenly goodness. The pulled pork is moist, tender, and pure in flavor… multi-layered that shit with an ocean of Apple butter barbeque sauce.. The combination of the two is a magical existence that rivals the beauty of tides going in and out. You can’t explain that.
  • Corned Beef Sandwich: This was so good. Instead of the normal Russian dressing that was used on the menu (because she had ran out) she managed to whipped up some sauce that included dijon mustard and something else, I forgot. Now, I am not a huge fan of Dijon mustard, but godamn this was one good lunch. It’s a sandwich heaven. After the second bite, we even thought of ordering another one.. but that didn’t happen :(
  • Nanaimo Bar: Complimentary on the house for us for being patience with the out of stock items. I love her!! Anyone that bribes me with chocolate deserves my love.
  • With just one bite you can already tell they use the freshest ingrediets, healthy never tasted better. I’am all about greasy, deep fried, cheesy food, but I love the concept of eating healthy & not having to neglect my taste buds. It’s like butter never even existed in my world, hahaa kidding. You didn’t believe me, did you?
  • We called the store ahead of time since we were just 30 mins into their closing time, I wanted to make sure our long drive isn’t going to be pointless if she already closed for the day. The lady over the phone WAS SOOOOOOO nice and sweet. She talked to me about how they were sold out of a couple of items but would be more than happy to put something delicious together for us.
  • There’s a few things you should keep in mind. The 2 items that W & I ordered were not on the menu. Since we were just 30 minutes away from the shop closing time, they had ran out of their many popular sandwiches. However, the owner was EXTREMELY sweet to us, made us both a very special sandwich that you can probably ask em for it now. And I don’t mean to brag but, but our special sandwich was both delicious.
  • I wouldn’t really call this a cheap sandwich. A cheap sandwich is a Vietnamese sub, that’s what cha call wallet friendly. The two orders came to $20, but it is wasn’t like super filling. Not going to complain here or anything because the ingredients were top-notch for a little bistro, and most of the items are freshly made in the cafe every morning. I looove that.
  • Have I mentioned the owners are extremely kind?! With the whole “out of the stock” situation, which wasn’t even her fault, yet she still offered to spoil us the side dishes. Mine was a simple salad, it was refreshing to the palate especially after my sandwich. I actually didn’t mind mine, but loved W’s salad better. It had a tangy lemoney taste. Can you see the pulled pork?!? Ahhh… TDF!
  • OH YES OH YES OH YES, and my picture taking skillz just went to a whole new level my friends.

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    1. OMG. THIS is the post is perfect! Seriously, ever since Follow Me Foodie and Sherman posted about this place, I’ve been DYING, literally dying to check it out. I talked about going all summer, but that obviously never happened. Seriously I loveeeeeee pulled pork. And I hear their chilli is amazing too. GAH, seriously have to just suck it up and make the drive out there!!!

      Also, isn’t it such a HUGE plus that this place has good service? It just makes me want to visit even more!

    2. Panda

      Yes I freaking love pulled pork sandwich and this is the best one I’ve came across so far.. for Surrey, it’s a really good soup & sandwich place. I didn’t get to try their famous chilli either because I got there wayy too late! But next time for sure! I guess it’s not that bad if you are planning on doing something else as well, I’d suggest go here for their sandwich, they close at 4 pm. If you go around 2-3ish is perfect. Make your way down to White Rock. It’s about a 10-15 minutes drive. Yes I am aware its winter but the scenery at night is amaaazinggg. The broadwalk is light up with Christmas lights and hopefully the ice cream shop (I eat ice cream thru all 4 seasons) is still open? If not there’s always something on the strip to enjoy, even a hot cup of hot chocolate! So that way, it’s a little bit more worth it! :)

      And yes!! I love friendly service!! I mean there’s good service and there is when people go way above and beyond to make you feel like at home. I walked out and said wow I think the service made the food 100x better.

    3. Hope

      Thank you so much for you great review. We are both so glad that you enjoyed your visit. Unfortunately by 3:30 on a Friday we are sometimes out of some of our most popular items but we can always rustle up something yummy.

      The pulled pork grilled cheese is not a normal menu item but can be ordered anytime. The pulled pork chili is a special, since we don’t have set days for specials – please call ahead before coming.

      We look forward to feeding you again.

      Hope and Verna-Jean
      Be ‘wiched Cafe

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