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Congee Noodle House: My favourite congee & soy chicken is found HERE!

Congee Noodle House: (A) 141 E Broadway (N) 604-879-8221

I can’t believe I haven’t even written about this yet. In the last couple of months, I’d probably been here more than enough time to blog about it, I guess it was because every time I ate this, I was battling a nasty cold. Which brings me to my second point. WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY WHEN I AM SICK? Congee noodle house. You know that feeling when you’re waiting in line because CONGEE NOODLE HOUSE IS ALWAYS BUSY, staring through the glass window where all the meats are hanging, and you are just ever so slightly, mesmerized by the sight what will be going into your tummy in a few minutes? Yes, me too. me too. Damn you pig. You are so good looking!!! Probably stole the spotlight from W for the day.

  • Chinese Parsley (Cilantro) Sea Bass Congee ($7): This is by far MY FAVOURITE congee of all time. What happens when I am sick? My bf travels to Vancouver without even me having to ask, brings me back a bowl of congee, soy chicken & their Chinese donuts. I smile with glee at the sight of this. And then I wish I was sick everyday so I can have this everyday. The 3-4 people bowl is a bit higher priced, $25 for a large, $7 for a small.
  • Chinese Donuts: Oh and I can’t eat congee without Chinese donuts, it’s a given. The fact that Congee Noodle House probably have the best chinese donuts ever, is a plus. Ask them to heat yours up if you come a bit later. It might be hard & cold. Today, they had “sold out” of their chinese donuts. That’s so cruel.
  • Preserved Eggs ($1.35): I always order preserved eggs. Did you know back in the days, people were convinced preserved eggs were created from horse feces? Yes. Feces. So delicious. Please feel free to “preserve” all my foods in horse feces.
  • Kai Lan ($5): Serve with oyster sauce. This isn’t a fave of mine. I just eat it because it’s there. Gotta admit, it is pretty cleansing to the palate, especially because everything else is dumped in oil.
  • Green beans with Chicken ($9.5): I love this dish so much. Green beans are one of my favourite vegetables. I can eat it all day, everyday.
  • 3 meats ($9): I’ve been here like 10 times and every time (maybe because I come late at night) they are sold out of their Roasted Pork. BUT THIS TIME I GOT IT! I came pretty darn close to jumping with joy when the server told me she still had some left… pretty close. The roasted duck is PERFECT, the juice oh my sweet baby jesus, are still bursting out of the meat. Every bite fills your mouth with juuuuuuuuuice. The soy chicken is the softest piece of chicken I ever laid my mouth on. And for that price, I’d vow to never let it leave my life. The skin is so crunchy, I just love this thing to pieces.
  • Milk Tea ($3.5): You know the milk tea “white” people drink (sorry in advance) at Bubble tea houses that they think is soooooooo freakishly amazing? Not trying to be all in your face or anything, but us Asian know what the real deal is when it comes to milk tea. Milk tea at #9, Congee noodle house, most Chinese restaurants does not use powder. The results is … well, better. So you know what? In your face.

  • They are usually busy. We went on a Sunday night and had to wait a good 10 minutes for a table. I love the server! She’s my best friend, no seriously. She is.
  • 2 locations in Vancouver
  • Service is forgetful at times because they’re pretty busy.
  • Congee Noodle House 粥麵館 on Urbanspoon

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    1. Although, it is pretty cleansing to the palate, especially because everything else is dumped in oil.

      Have you ever wonder why the vegetables in Chinese restaurants are so tasty yet no matter what you don’t seem to be able to duplicate it at home? Hint: There is a reason why it looks so glossy… Hint #2: They add oil to the water where it will be boiled…

      Yes, that’s the dirty secret. It taste better because of the oil!

      • Panda

        Seriously??! Is that the trick? I know Chinese food is known for the greasiness but I often do wonder how Chinese stay in shape……. Can you tell me THAT secret ??? everyone is so damn skinny !!!

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