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Palki Restaurant: It’s been exactly 2 hours and I am already craving for more Lamb Pasnda!!

Palki Restaurant: (A) 1130 Commercial Drive (N) 604-215-1130

First of…. I need to say this. Omg, was the game NOT SUPER INTENSE TODAY!?! I felt the playoff chills all over again. And Boston, how does it feel??? LOL. If you want to cry I’m happy to supply the tissue. Except you, Brad Marchand. You can go milk a cow for the rest of your life. Courtesy of Fat Panda ;) Today I went to Palki Restaurant. You may have already heard of them. Palki Restaurant is blooming all over Urbanspoon. Notice the ‘talk of the town’ section. The interior is absolutely beautiful. Even I was so surprised at how ‘different’ the setting was in comparison to other Indian restaurants. And it’s pretty hard to wow me. Okay okay, you got me. I am easily amused, but no stop being an asshole. It was very beautiful. So aside from the fantastic win this morning, I ended my day with the best Lamb Pasnda. That is all. P.S., I wrote this last night… hence the title ‘2 hours ago’ and the Boston game.

  • Chai Tea ($3):I mean.. is this for real? Def not my first encounter with Chai tea. Just yesterday, my Indian friend taught me how to brew an authentic Chai tea and I instantly fell in love.. deeply and madly in love. I thought that was the best cup of Chai tea I ever had and then I met this sucker.
  • Onion Bhaji ($5.95): Deep-fried battered onion. In other words, Indian onion rings. These are one of the alksdsaldasljksad most flavourful onion rings I ever had. Period. Dot. Exclamation mark. The server was explaining to me what it’s made from but I blanked out. All I heard was “something something something onions battered in Indian spices” .. okay just stop it, you got me at ‘battered’.
  • Fish Pakora ($8.50): I definitely had better. Could it be.. the lack of spiciness? Or…. I could.. just blame the Bhaji onions for outcasting everything else.
  • Kachumber Salad ($7.95): Chopped cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and bell-peppers mixed in a light peppery dressing. As you can see from the picture, the ‘tomatoes’ are replaced by carrots. Not that I mind much… . . . .. (The intense dots = I am being sarcastic)
  • Butter Chicken ($11.50): Always a must. This butter chicken is not as heavy as some others that I’ve had in the past. It’s actually quite light while still holding on to that creaminess. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there… I wish I had the proper chance to speak to the chef. The server informed me that all of their chefs are kidnapped and shipped here from India.. on a boat.. and some had to jet ski across the Pacific Ocean. According to Google Map, it’s possible. (Google map Japan to China, refer to #42)
  • Lamb Pasnada ($11.95): This is straight up my favourite Indian dish I’ve ever had in a long, long time. I’ve familiarized myself with home-made Indian dishes for years (don’t ask how, I am from Surrey that’s how) and know what’s really good and what’s not. This dish is so good I need to make up a word for how good it is. Made from a “special” yogurt based curry sauce.
  • Cilantro & Onion Naan ($3): This sounds like something I’d go nuts over. Though, I prefer garlic naan or rotti. It’s a bit more buttery.
  • Rice ($3): Basmati Rice cooked with its own flavour
  • Modern unique Indian restaurant!
  • Superb customer service
  • They have a second location in North Vancouver
  • Try the Onions rings & lamb pasanda! This may be the best lamb curry I’ve ever had… it just might be. The lamb is just so soft and juicy, every bite is flavourful. This is the kind of sauce where you just HAVE to find another piece of bread so you can clean out the entire bowl until you see nothing but the plate. And while doing that, cry about how full you are.
  • Palki Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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    1. all this image make me crazy..
      i m little bit exited about Palki Indian Restaurant..i have never seen this types of arrangements in other restaurant..
      i promise to visit ones at Palki Indian Restaurant..
      thank you

    2. Obligatory XKCD link? (This is regarding Google Maps and jet ski).

      Similar to Cantonese cuisine in Chinese cuisine, some Indian regional cuisines are more predominant outside of their homeland. I myself, since I go out to eat by myself, have been enjoying more dosas, which is from the Southern region of India.

      About butter chicken, while travelling, I visited a South African Indian restaurant and encountered something really interesting… They didn’t have butter chicken because they don’t use cream!

    3. Panda

      Haha and if you google map united states to disneyland tokyo #31 says kayak across the pacific ocean.

      The FUNNIEST one was when google map use to direct ‘from China to Taiwan’. “Swim across the pacific ocean” I think they already removed that hoax but still funny considering the fact it states you to “swim” instead of “jet ski” hahaha.. *inside joke*

      Anyhow, you went to south africa?!? For vacation or other reasons? I really want to go to South Africa one day.

    4. Panda

      I made butter chicken once and used an authentic butter chicken recipe (from my Indian friend), the recipe doesn’t use cream! They only use yogurt :S

    5. The food from Northern India: Mainly breads with dishes which has a thick sauce and dairy products such as cream, paneer, ghee, and youghurt. These dishes are warmly flavoured rather than heat from chillies.

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