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Fritz Fries: Dips galore !!

Fritz Fries: (A) 718 Davie St (N) 604-684-0811

  • Jumbo Poutine ($9.00): We shared the bowl, which fits the name, it was JUMBO.T he fries were just as good, it was really fresh. Sooo cheesy along with the perfect amount of gravy!!! If I had 5 cents for every
    time I said cheesy eating this poutine…. I’d be shitting on Bills Gate.
  • Jumbo Fritz ($8.25): Hand cut fries that results in extremely fresh fritz. Best potatoes. Amazing texture. Just perfectly salted.
  • Garlic over dip ($1) The dip was soooo freakishly amazing, best dips I ever had for my fries.
  • Cilantro Pesto ($1) I am a lover of cilantro but prefer the garlic sauce more.
  • Not many room to sit. I think there’s like 2 tables. But you can just grab & go.
  • They’re on the Granville strip. Yes rest assure they’re open late!! Yipee.
  • A lot of dips to go with the fries!! Let’s try them all!!!
  • Anyways.. it was so good… that

    …We came back at 2 am for more fries. Yep.. the life of a fat panda >=)

    Fritz European Fry House on Urbanspoon

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