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The One: Huuuugeeeee bubble tea!!!!

The One Restaurant: (A) 5908 Kingsway (N) 604-569-1866

When I saw pictures of this bubble tea, it was a mission to devour it! And I imagined the mission was kinda like CIA, except with food. Today Hammy (aka hamster cause she kind looks like one aka bff since 1990) & I spent the day together. To be quite honest, for a bubble tea place.. this is pretty impressive. I didn’t even know asian people have a sense of interior designing in them! The place is huge with lots of unique seating and cool lighting.

  • Passion Fruit Slush Bubble tea ($5.50): I saw a lot of pictures regarding these massive ass drinks and yet when it came out, I was still pretty darn surprised. As if I didn’t know it would be as tall as me. I personally thought it was just like any other bubble tea I ever had (besides the height difference). Not something that if someone gave to me, I would scream OH THIS IS FROM THE ONE RIGHT? And then shove it in your face immaturely because I’m just too darn smart. Yeah, no. But that doesn’t mean it was bad, just not different. Just like you. Im jk!!
  • Squid Tentacles ($6.99): I prefer these squid tentacles over the famous Bubble World chain. They proved me wrong. Even vegetables are good deep fried. Excuse me, I love basil in any form. It added a nice touch to the normal squid tentacles.
  • Chicken Wings ($5.75): I thought the wings are bit bland. Not enough seasoning, the wings are a bit smaller than Bubble World. Yeah I love comparing don’t I?! Do this to food. Please don’t do this to human.
  • Service is really slow. Our food came first… then they decided to bring us our drinks. My advice here is that they need more bubble tea makers, less chefs?
  • We went around 5 pm and beat the traffic (hooray). But within 10 minutes every table was full & a long line up that we all need to avoid because our life is far more important than waiting around for bubble tea
  • Drinks are bond to fall because of the massive height. I saw it with my own eyes. If you are the server that caught me laughing.. I’m very sorry. That was rude of me, but it was freaking hilarious
  • The One Restaurant 美味關係 on Urbanspoon

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    1. This place looks awesome! I’m going to have to give it a try some time. The squid and chicken wings look soooo goooood.

      • The drinks pretty awesome! You should get the hotpot when you go there, I saw a lot of people eating them so must be good. The squid tentacles are good but not the chicken wings hahaha!

    2. WOW that bubble tea is huge. did you manage to finish it yourself? are the other non-slushy bbt’s that big too?

    3. Hhahaa no I didn’t finish it!!! That would be sugar overload. Took the rest home. And nope, just the slushy drinks. Can’t imagine how they can make the regular milk tea that sky high

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    5. Janet Sam

      i went to this place with three friends. All i can say is this place was a TOTAL disappointment. The wait was brutal even though tables were available but the staff just couldn’t be bothered to seat us. the food was super slow in coming and when it did it was a major disappointment. One person in my party bite into her food and had to spit it out as it was disgusting.

      My group was made up of four different nationalities and the food suited nobodies taste. Would not recommend this place to my dog as he would probably spit the food out as well.

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