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Ba Le Deli: Shut up and just eat.

Ba Le Deli & Sandwiches: (A) 15277 100th Ave (N) 604 589 7572

Yo I’m back.

I came pretty close to recording myself screaming “Yo I’m back” in my deep black voice that I ACTUALLY perfected pretty darn well. So perfect it scares the crap outta my boyfriend. He doesn’t think it’s too attractive. Well, I think he is just lacking taste in girls. Anyhow then I realized I’m permanently stuck in the 90s because I don’t even know how to do such a thing.. how do I record myself? I…. honestly… have no idea. Sorry and not so sorry that you don’t get to hear me speak Eddie Murphy-ish. I guess I will just move on to my point. I get home from school which usually means the entire 6-7 hours burning leftover calories or fat or whatever I have in my body from the day before. I know it’s not healthy but hey I’m not dead yet. I like to call this “optimistic”.

I always stop by at T&T for the Ba Le Deli and order myself a “BANH MI SATAY” Or you can say “beef satay”. It’s 4 bucks and it is damn delicious. The beef is so flavourful, the bread is awesome and it just makes my tummy smile you know?

  • I don’t know if the other locations in Vancouver are related to each other. I like to think they are because it does taste the same to me.. but who knows. Surrey probably thought they can get away with it since Van didn’t know Surrey existed. Van people don’t ever go to Surrey. I’m assuming you already know this.
  • Pretty cheap. Convenient. Eat it.
  • Instead Guilford T&T food court.
  • Ba Le Deli & Sandwiches (Surrey) on UrbanspoonBa Le Sandwich Shop on UrbanspoonBa Le Deli & Bakery on Urbanspoon

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