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Phnom Penh: Yes I am blogging about Phnom Penh….

Phnom Penh (A) 244 E Georgia (N) 6046825777

Hey, at least they renovated. Sooo.. Monkey boy and I been craving for this place like mad for the last couple weeks. I mean to the point where the word “Phnom Penh” has been coming out of my mouth like every other day. Finally today we decided to give our craving a kick. I love this place so much, ever since I was a teeny ma bopper. And I use to come here every single week. I know it’s one of those been there done that places but gimme a break… hello chicken wings and butter beef? It’s probably a legend in Van by now. Or at least a tourist attraction.

By the way, today I went through airport security.. at the freaking movie theatres. We went to the prescreening of 21 Jump Street and was told by the security guards that we are not allowed to bring in any cellphones. Okay, heard that one before. Here is something new though. Before waking into the room, there was guards standing there.. with METAL DETECTORS. Yep. They were serious about the “no cellphone” rule. Made everyone handed over their cellular mobiles, into a paper bag. Pretty intenseeee shit. Well, at least 21 jump st was HILARIOUS. I recommend everyone catching the movie, it’s out on Friday!

  • Butter Beef ($12.95):AMAAAAAZZZZZZZINNNNG. I love the overload of cilantro. I just LOVE it!!! Love it love love itttt. I love when the plate is on my table and all I see is cilantro. Something about this dish just drives me crazy. I laughed at the white guy sitting across from my table that left out all the cilantro.. as if it’s un-edible. You terrorist. I just want to cry when I see people wasting my fave food :(
  • Luc lac — Filet Beef On Rice w/ Egg ($9.50): Pretty sure this is the best rice dish. All the other rice dishes doesn’t seem to ever make the cut for me. But this dish is amazing. They perfected bo luc lac. My mom makes some mean bu luc lac homemade but mann.. if I could be 1 animal for a day, this is so good I will ask God to turn me into the beef inside Phnom Penh’s kitchen just so I can become this Filet Beef. I just want to be you for a day!!!!! Yeah.. I’m not crazy at all.
  • Deep Fried Chicken Wings ($7.95): This is probably the star of the restaurant. Obviously loaded with MSG but who really cares? This is finger foods redefined. I thought I was over these chicken wings a long time ago but haven’t gone back for a long time.. I realize it is true. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.
  • Maybe it is overrated, but I personally still have major love for this restaurant. It’s just seriously, I cannot get these 3 items anywhere else.. this good. AND this is THE 3 items I order every time. Although I’ve tried almost everything on their menu. Even the frogs. Yummmy. It’s actually a fave on mine.
  • Not technically a very cheap asian restaurant. Usually for 2 people at your regular Viet resto would be less than $20.. but seriously I am not complaining.
  • This is obviously something you have to wait in line for. I never came here and just walked to a table right away. I’m smarter now after all the years of waiting forever in line.. you come BEFORE&AFTER the rush lunch+dinner. We came at 5 pm today and got a table in 5 minutes. Booyah.
  • The service is generally really fast… it’s like in&out.
  • Phnom Penh 金邊小館 on Urbanspoon

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