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Personal: Vij’s + Playdome at BC Stadium!

Warning: Just lot’s of random pictures… =)
Playdome! How exciting! All of us were first timer!!!=DThe first game we played and spent $50.. oh man.
The moustache on that man. That is why we played.
The $50 monkey that I could easily buy for $5 at walmart that probably took .50 cents to make. I love Playdome.
Of course Baconbits would chicken out.
Intense fishermen
This was one of those, you had to be there kind of joke. Look at how bored they were, so bored we had to ask the assistant to stop the ride.
Monkeyboy thought he was sucha “hockey star” and wanted to win that Canucks chair. btw, if you’re reading this, I really do want that chair.Still amazed they can bring in a roller coaster inside the stadium.
I HATE THIS GAME.I HATE THIS GAME SOO MUCH. I think last year at PNE, we spent at at least $400 in this game. The guy felt so bad and just gave us a prize anyways.
Hey look, it’s monkey boy.
This was delicious.
VIJ’S! I actually had to ask them just to make sure it’s not VIJ’s knockoff.
I appreciate em tryna step up the normal hotdog stadium foods, but meeeeh this ruined the branding of the restaurant. I rather have aberdeen food court.
Again, all dishes served here are $10.50, just not worth it.
The hotdog is a waste, grossiest hotdog I ever had.
Her walking out with the all the farm animals.
This use to be my favourite part when I was their age.
Let’s zoom up.
Fat Panda + Monkey boy!
omfg, then mb’s grandparents called us over to their house and fed us till we couldn’t remember our names. Seriously, SO GOOD! I demolished the entire bowl.

Overall, I enjoyed my first time here. It’s a nice event to attend during Spring Break! They show up randomly ever year, last year they were MIA. The only complaint I have is how stupid it is that you cannot buy tickets to go on rides but need to buy the full day pass. How inconvenient.

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  1. iamonlyhereforthefood

    I just realized how different your siblings look. Not necessarily different from you but from each other. Just saying!

    As for Playdome, fairs or other things, it is basically a $cam. OK, people go there for the fun, pretty much the same reason people (should) go to the casinos. $400 trying to get an iPad? Why not just BUY one?! :P As for food, remember, Costco across the street is $1.50 each (of course, it could have been closed by then).

    • It Is a scam!!! Hahaha and btw it wasn’t an iPad. At pne the game prizes were teddy bears. I guess just like casino, it’s about the sense of thrill but in this case I think it wasn’t even fun, they were just getting mad how they keep losing at a game that looks so easy Hahaha.

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