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Personal: Granville Island Public Market!

Since the famous bipolar Van weather is cooperating with us this weekend (horray for spring) I like to use this towards my advantage. Did a 45 mins 4 miles run this morning to feel less guilty about well… all that below. Went downtown to do a bit of spring shopping! & Off to Granville Island to buy some goodies! I don’t even….I can’t….I have no idea what to even say about this place.
FIRST: Fresh pasta @ Duso’s Italian Foods. MUST! It’s a bit expensive but great place to pick up pasta & sauce to take home. Oh and cheese too. We took home the porcini mushroom ravioli, LOTS OF MUSHROOM stuffed inside. It was divine. When do I ever use the word divine? It sounds so iunno, werido but I’ll use it here. Just this one time. Also baked ricotta & their recommended mushroom sauce.
SECOND: I didn’t even need chocolates, but this made me buy chocolates. The chocolate candies were good, it’s like a sandwich but a size of half your fingernail and instead of bread it’s nuts. I honestly thought my picture was clear but I guess I cannot take pictures in moving car even if my life depended on it. Oh of course, I ate it on the way home. The poor thing had no chance of making it inside my house. The fudge, REALLY good but REALLY chocolately. If you have a sweet tooth like me, just one tiny bite will fulfill that. But for $12, I rather eat M&M’s.
THIRD: This isn’t inside the market, it’s at Edible Canada. Saw it, have no use for it. Something I also didn’t need. Lobster Oil for $25. Bought it. Gotta figure out something to do with these now too. Any suggestions, thanks.
It’s clearly an amusement park for food lovers. Except instead of the overpriced $10 dollar churros at PNE, it’s a $20 dollar cheese and fresh pasta. Not complaining. And there’s an amazing food court, produce selection, meat selection (I’m talking bison burgers, rack of lambs, even rabbit are sold hurr) seafood, cheese, pastas, maple, omg just everything!!! I LOVE this place.

PS: I know I need to do something with the asian plates.

Duso's Italian Foods on UrbanspoonOlde World Fudge on UrbanspoonEdible Canada at the Market on Urbanspoon

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  1. iamonlyhereforthefood

    Lobster oil was a specialty from The Cannery. It is basically a dipping sauce for bread.

    As for Granville Island, I do visit them once in a while; however, I don’t buy almost anything from them. Reason? $$$. As you noticed, it is darn bloody expensive and, a lot of times, there is no reason why (other than the fact it is “Granville Island” where you are buying it from). Actually, the only thing I buy is the stock from the soup place (though, at times, I go to Lonsdale Quay and The Soup Meister instead). OK, another exception would be Oyama but that would be once in a blue moon.

    • What’s at oyama?! And I know it is pretty pricey for what you’re paying. But hey it makes my tummy happy :D I really don’t know what to do with the lobster oil because well. I don’t even like eating bread that much

  2. iamonlyhereforthefood

    Oyama == Oyama Sausage. They make different forms of ham, pate and sausages. Some of their offerings are unique.

    Not sure about lobster oil… Toss it with some (plain) pasta?

  3. Eric

    Lobster Oil – use it with pasta, infuse it into hollandaise sauce for a lobster hollandaise with butter poached lobster benny, bread dip, drizzle on risotto…..

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