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Crepe Des Amis: Vegan healthy crepes made here!

Crepe Des Amis: (A) 810 Quayside (N) 6045288925
After the gym today, monkey boy took Hammy and I to Quayside for some grocery shopping at my favourite Donald’s Market! I just LOVE the area. I love how the market is a mini granville island. Of course it’s nothing compared to the public market however the huge river market consist of amazing great quality food. You already know my love for Donald’s Market but did you know there’s a vegan crepes place just outside of it? Also I spotted Re-Up BBQ opening soon and there’s a deli shop, barkery, the crab shop, wild rice, wallys burgers, gelato shop, organic coffee and a tea shop! Right on the dock! ITSSS AMAZZZING.

  • Banana&Strawberry w/ nutella ($7.50): The crepe was huge! It can get messy, I normally don’t like crepes because it’s so thin and breaks easily. I mean I haddd to eat it in the car so of course I covered myself up in chocolate by the end. Monkey boy said I was very attractive with chocolate smudge on my cheeks.

  • What attracted me was that they serve up a whole list of savoury and sweet crepes for vegans! Therefore using vegan margarine and vegan cheese.
  • Their crepes are made from whole wheat! And I can’t taste the difference at all.
  • Friendly husband & wife owners?! I can’t understand the man because of his deep accent and I can’t understand the lady because of her asian accent! But I can tell they’re very jolly all the time, you can find a lot of regular here.
  • I heard their savoury crepes are to die for! Gotta try that next time!!
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