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Mink Chocolates: This place made my day!

Mink Chocolates: (A) 15775 Croydon Drive (N) 604-536-5455
I do realize this post is 2 weeks old. I feel just as old. You know how I know? I totally forgot today is 420, I went to dt and got stuck in traffic had me screaming WTF at the nonmoving vehicles ahead. Not until I passed by The Art Gallery and got suffocated in marijuana smoke that I realized today is that day. Point of story is that I’m getting old okay. So we went here after eating at Five Guys.

  • Red Velvet Loaf: JUST THE BEST THING EVER. And why this place made my day. I was craving for a red velvet cupcake but this?!? This got my legs shaking. The red velvet loaf with cream cheese icing on top, ahh just perfection.
  • Naked Belgian: They have all different kind of waffles available I was just too full for it. So I ordered the plain one which isn’t very plain because they spiked it with sugar and what not. I REALLY love these waffles! They’re made fresh after you order, I believe because it took them like an extremely long time to bring it out. The waffles got the perfect amount of sweetness without making it overwhelming. I need to try their tutti frutti waffles next time!
  • Chocolate Smoothie: Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of chocolate smoothie. It gives me bad childhood memories of when I tried to make em but it ended up being some kind of watery sugary non milky drink yep anyhow, I took a sip out of this and my eyes lit up right away. Yep. They were good.
  • Chocolate Cookie: The fluffiest cookie ever. It’s so soft and moist that the picture looks like the dough! At this point I was seriously sugar high so yeah……
  • Lots of parking!! It’s in the same plaza as many other stores including winners, choices market and etc.
  • Very friendly service, wonderful cute spot for a date or chat with your friends. Server brings out your desserts!
  • They also serve chocolate fondue which will soon be in my tummy also.
  • They have some VERY expensive chocolate that I am very tempted to taste.
  • Mink Chocolates (South Surrey) on Urbanspoon

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    1. faith gibson

      Your post made my day! Please come in and introduce yourself and Ill buy you a coffee for making me smile. Great post.
      Thank you

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