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Watermark Wine Bar: Pretty impressed to say the least.

Watermark Wine Bar: (A) 15 Park PL (N) 250-495-5500
During our stay at the Watermark beach resort, we decided to keep it very very close to our hotel bed meaning downstairs, at their restaurant. I honestly heard from a few locals that this place is really good… knowing in mind already that I’m not expecting much out of Osoyoos higher ends restaurant, we both admit that yes we were very hungry but the food was indeed spectacular. I sound pretty gay don’t I. But the food was pretty outstanding haha.

  • Dukkah Spiced Calamari ($16): Crispy calamari seasoned with a middle eastern blend f spices and ground almonds. Served on a lentil cilantro salad w/ a sweet onion purée and balsamic glaze. The lentil salad was nice. I thought it was a smart ass thing to do with the fried calamari and refreshing lentil salad they did there. The calamari itself was horrible!! The oil probably wasn’t hot enough when they fried it, the squids were not crispy nor crunchy at all.
  • Duo of Chicken ($26): Oven roasted chicken breast paired with a confit leg of chicken served with bakers poatoes, thyme scented chicken jus and balsamic honey glazed beets. The dish was DEEELISH. I have a very hard time loving chicken dining out. I find it’s either too dry or not flavourful enough or I can make it myself at home, but boyyy this dish proved anything can happen before your deary eyes. Both the roasted chicken and confit leg was amazing. The confit being a bit saltier however it was easily forgiven by the fact that the mashed potatoes was the BEST mashed potatoes I could ever had imagine. Monkeyboy is not very fond of mashed potatoes and he ate almost half of mine. That’s pretty rare. I wish I still have some stuck between my teeth because I just realized I need to travel 300 km to get this again. Omg that’s not good…… =(
  • Briased Short Ribs ($28): Beef short ribs braised in a red wine jus and served on a bed of butterlfy bulgur grain with local veggies. Delish I tell you again sir, it was delish. Any meat that falls off the bone is my kind of meat. The portion was HUGE. I mean when I see prices like this, I actually don’t expect the portion to be big at all, but luckily our bed wasn’t far away. I mean I almost had to call a tow truck to tow me out of my chair. I was THAT full.

  • A very small restaurant located inside the hotel. They have a huge amazing outdoor patio view also.
  • Food was clearly amazing. I believe my hotel girl now when she said the thing about a small town is that, if the food isn’t good you will go out of business. I guess that’s true.
  • Intensive wine menu! I was so sick of wine at the point plus had a bottle back in my room, didn’t even bother to look at the wine menu.
  • Service was pretty slow… I hope that was spent putting all that lovin into my mashed potatoes.
  • Watermark Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

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