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Romer’s Burger Bar: One word. Delicious.

Romer’s Burger: (A) 1873 W 4th Ave (N) 604-732-9545
The other day monkey boy and I did some grocery shopping at whole foods, drove around Kits to find something to eat and on an empty stomach last minute decision we ended up here. Okay let’s be brutally honest, I heard Romer’s Burger sucks ball. I mean from people I TRUSTED with food opinion, even idolize when it comes to food tasting told me how much of a fail these burgers are. Anyhow, we decided that we will try for ourselves and be the judge of that. This proved that you go with your guts and you walk out (sometimes), happier that you didn’t listen to what other people say. Romer’s burger was delicious to I. Case closed.

  • Rodeo Star ($11): Ancho spice, thick sliced applewood bacon, red onions, tomatoes, horseradish jack, smoky bbq sauce and cilantro. This sounded soooo damn good. Can you ever NOT have applewood bacon? Holy shit. Monkey boy loved this burger and so did I! Most of the time, I cannot stand horseradish sauce. But combined with bbq sauce, fuck my life it was good. And monkey boy enjoyed it so much he clearly saved some sauces behind on his face for later enjoyment.
  • Magic Mushroo ($11): Angus beef, portobellos mushroom, arugula, herb and garlic boursin cheese w/ caramelized onion. It was literally a burger of sex. I cannot say much more than that. Oh I added a tomato in mine too. People told me the buns are horrible, but both mb and I didn’t mind it much. Yes after a bit of juice and sauce it got really soggy, but nothing so horrible that you want to commit suicide. I thought it was different and went well with their burgers.
  • Onion Rings ($7): Made with Reggiano, fresh thyme, garlic dill sauce. It was amazing. Why haven’t I thought of such a thing for onion rings? It came out crispy, well textured, sauce was amazing. Perfectly seasoned.
  • Wild Baby Arugula ($3): With shaved Reggiano and fresh lemon. For $3 it’s pretty expensive for just a lil bowl of arugula salad.
  • House hot sauce:: Must get this! SO good!

  • Huge burger joint. Washroom is top notch. Yes I am easily amused. I took a picture of their washroom because of that tv mirror.
  • The only thing is burgers don’t come with sides. You must order your own.
  • They serve brunch on Sundays and Sundays caesars are $3. That’s a steal!!
  • Ingredients are fresh, all natural range fed angus beef, all burger serves on a lightly griddle briche bun. Garlic olive and pepperoncini on the side.
  • Applewood Bacon are $1. Other sides like lettuce and tomatoes are free.
  • They have another location on Victoria.
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    2. iamonlyhereforthefood

      They have a second location in Marine Drive, east of Victoria Drive, not Victoria (as in the island).

      I have three issues with Romer’s burger:

      1) Brioche as a bun. This is a case where sweet and savoury does not mix.
      2) Price point. $10 for just a burger?
      3) Have had better at around the same price. For example, Five Guys?

      Sort of a “personal” one is the fact they are fancifying something simple as a burger!

      • OH AND SORRY. I did mean Victoria (in VANCOUVER) not in victoria. hahaaha whoops. Too much wine.

      • Jo

        I don’t understand when someone like you likens burgers at Romer’s to the burgers at Five Guys? Totally different leauges. sp? Five Guys is disgusting and over rated. There is nothing special about their burgers and Romer’s has consistently had excellent burgers- all the 10 or so times we’ve been there. Five Guys tastes like something, your home cooking mother would make. Not even the same… Just sayin’.

        • Jo, that is exactly why there is the price different between Five Guy and Romer’s. Five Guys are good for the price they are offer at. Exactly why people would be shitting bricks if you go to Five Guy and pay $12 bucks for their burger. They’re actually pretty good considering it’s about the same price as an A&W burger.

        • iamonlyhereforthefood

          Probably your expectations of a burger and mine are completely different. In my case, a good burger is one where I can taste the meat, not one where it is covered by twists, marketing, snobbism (kobe beef, hahaha!) and fancy names. That’s one of the reasons I don’t like their brioche bun: If I want something “sweet” I would get a dessert, not part of a burger.

    3. I like the idea of the brioche bun, except the fact that it got really soggy extremely fast. It is quite on the expensive side for a burger but compared to what. Cause if you’re comparing it to five guys, of course five guys are amaaaazinggg, but they are considered fast food. It’s not really a restaurant in my opinion. I mean you get “tickets” for your food. And I’m sure the ingredients aren’t close to what Romers are putting in their burgers. The only thing that is itching my skin about romers is of course, the sides not included. Come on seriously for $11 bucks, I was expecting at least some fries.

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