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La Casa Gelato: 215 flavours. Heaven. Paradise. And more.

La Casa Gelato: (A) 1033 Venables St (N) 604-251-3211
I LOVE ICE CREAM! I ALWAYS SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!!! Did you know when I was 7 years old (okay fine or now) my dream job is an ice-cream truck person? I think it’s soooooo cool they get to drive an ice cream truck around all day with that music thing. I envy them. After my day at Epic Vancouver we haaad to stop here for some ice cream!! I mean like it’s a MUST, it was 25 degrees! Being the ice cream addict, this was heaven for the both of us. 215 flavours a good or bad thing you say? I mean, it’s a good thing that you get to sample any flavours you like, but for an indecisive person that totally can never make up my mind, I spent a good hour just picking out ONE flavour for my cone. There’s some very funky flavours available here, I grew some balls for this one and actually tried the curry and bacon. Sounds idunno…. and taste… i don’t know. Anyone actually get all those weird flavours? But if it’s there… by all means….

  • Tiramisu cheesecake: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I don’t like tiramisu at all. Not as a dessert, but in a form of cheesecake/ice cream. Daaaamn.
  • Ferrero Rocher: I can’t put to words how seriously delicious ice cream ferrero rocher is…. this was actually monkey boy but after a couple mins, I devour this too. Yes I had 2 ice cream, doesn’t everyone do that?

  • Supposedly have 215 flavours. They made up to 500 flavours.
  • The place is ALWAYS pack. There is usually limited workers, I personally think they need more people working there. Everyone wants to sample so many flavours and you have to wait a couple mins to try what you like.
  • Payment method is pretty smart. You pay for your token from a separate stand and from there, you hand to whomever is working behind the ice cream counter to grab your ice cream!
  • Quality is different from other gelato I have tried. Not sure if this is even still gelato.. taste more like regular ice cream to me! But they do have sorbet and other options available. Icecream cakes are available here as well.
  • Must see/things to do if you ever visit Vancouver! I can see why it’s a tourist attraction.
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    1. iamonlyhereforthefood

      I personally won’t go to La Casa Gelato. I mean, they aren’t THAT bad; however, rather because they have so many flavours, you have to wonder when some of them rotate (i.e., a new batch replaces the old one). This is specially true for some of the more exotic/odd flavours. As for me, I will just stick with soft-serve. :P

    2. The popular batches rotate pretty often.. I mean they do have to refill it. The more awkward flavours, yea I don’t know.. it’s there for the show. I don’t prefer la casa either, only because I’m waaay too indecisive.. it’s a good place to go if you KNOW what you want and get out of there before you spend another 30 minutes sampling haha!

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