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Market by Jean-Georges: A remarkable breakfast.

Market by Jean-Georges (A) Shangri La (N) 604-695-1115
Let’s talk breakfast. If you want to know how King Kong, King Arthur King Idunno.. eats breakfast. You order room service at Shangri La. From The Market. Not the most expensive breakfast I ever had, but considering what we ordered.. that table costed a whooping $90 bucks ($10 monkey boy gave as tip) even when I told him there is a LARGE 18% added on the bill already. Not including 5% delivery charge and 12% tax and $30 bucks PER plate of sausage, egg, toast, fruits, coffee and juice. But boy oh boy, I hate to admit this. I loved it. Everything about it, how she plated our food with flowers all pretty. Yes everything tasted just as good as the picture. How can I not? It was the perfect morning.

  • I got the chicken sausage plate, comes with 1 chicken sausage but it was filled with yam inside. It was so good!!!!! The fresh croissant AND chocolate croissant was amazing. I asked for orange juice and earl grey tea, both which was perfect. Came with everything I asked for. Skim milk and brown sugar.
  • Monkey boy got the pork sausage, included with 3 cute links. His breakfast was delicious!!! Our toast was SO GOOD. I am having trouble whether this post is sort of biased because I just thought everything was amazing!!!!
  • Room service is amazing. I went downstairs to the restaurant just to take a peek of it, but we decided room service would be amazing and amazing it was.
  • Employees told me that Jean Georges owns restaurants all around the world! Can’t wait to try the dinner!
  • Market by Jean-Georges (Shangri-La Hotel) on Urbanspoon

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    1. Market is definitely one of my favorite restaurants… every single one of their dishes are sooo good.

      But paying that much for a simple breakfast I can make it home (and it’ll probably be healthier), I can’t do….

      We do sometimes go for brunch at the Pan Pacific which is about $45 per person (not including drinks) so usually $100+ for the 2 of us… but you get so much variety so that is so worth it. I’m all about variety. :P

      • Oh I’m with you on that one. It is ONE expensive breakfast, but you’re paying for room service that’s why -.- We paid $20 for grilled cheese at Fairmont and I thought that was insane! The best buffet I went to was on New Years at Herons Waterfront Fairmont! It was $55 bucks and you get eeeeevverrrything!

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