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Tobiko: A hidden family gem!

Tobiko: (A) 15951 Fraser Hwy (N) 604-572-5005
I like to find hidden Japanese restaurants around my area, I get extremely sick of eating the same sushi restaurant over and over again. So when I told monkey boy I had a SERIOUS craving for sushi, he asked if I wanted to go to Akasaka. Argh of course not. I’m so sick of those people. Sooo.. we ended up here. A family owned restaurant as you can tell from ALL the family pictures on the wall, which is always a good thing in my opinion. The interior looks nothing like the exterior so that goes to show, never assume!

  • Sashimi Box ($15): I got the sashimi box, served with 3 gyoza, california roll, tempura, chicken or beef teriyaki. Normally I don’t get my salmon sashimi layered on ice! I’m not to keen about this idea because if I didn’t eat my salmon right away, the ice would melt and makes it really moist. Not cool. It was a big juicy salmon though, even had enough to donate some to monkey boy! The gyoza and tempura was pretty typical. Miso soup included too!
  • Spicy Tuna Kapa Bite ($3.25): Monkey boy wanted this and I thought it was the dumbest idea. Only because who wants to take a small bite out of something that small? It’s such a tease, however the dish came out and after a bite… any thought of stupid-ness disappeared. Such a good dish! It’s like eating tuna tartare but w/ a little Japanese twist! And it’s only $3 bucks. For tuna that’s still a good bang for you bucks. It’s now on my list of favourite appetizer!
  • Katsu Chicken & Salad ($7.50): Monkey boy loves his katsu. Too bad there wasn’t pork! I thought it was okay.. not bad, nothing great.
  • Tuna Toro Tataki ($7.95): Seared tuna toro w/ their special tataki sauce. The two of us are huge tuna tatki lovers, but not this dish. I didn’t hate it but probably wouldn’t order it again. Still can’t beat Akasaka tuna tataki!

  • Overall I was really impressed with the restaurant! We will be back again!
  • For the both of us, which is alooot of food the bill came to $40 bucks before tax and tips. That’s pretty reasonable considering the food was good. A couple of unique items here, there’s more I would like to try!
  • In the same plaza as Wings St, lots of parking around!
  • Tobiko Sushi on Urbanspoon

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