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Fratelli Bakery: Authentic Italian baking.

Fratelli Bakery: (A) 1795 Commercial Dr (N) 604-255-8926
While I was waiting for my sandwich to be done at La Grotta, I went right next door to this Italian bakery. I don’t know if they have any relation with La Grotta being both Italian, but the bakery was amazing. Everything looks and smells delicious!! Great selection of bread, pies, etc.

  • Oat Fudge Bar ($3): As you can see, I was so damn excited about eating this bar that I took a bite and realized I didn’t even take a picture. That should always speak volume.. I never forget no matter how hungry I am. The bar was really good. Chewy, chocolate, great oats, fresh, holds together like it should be but soft enough that when you take a bite, it melts in your mouth.
  • I heard they have the BEST St. Honore cake here. I mean the best in town. I need to get me some of that. But they apparently sell out really really fast.
  • The shops been around for a long time as well, they serve good quality pastries and bread. If you want some great Italian bread, I recommend coming here. I’m not too much of a bread fan to care much, but I really need to find something to go with my lobster oil and balsamic vinegar. It’s still sitting in my kitchen untouched, heart broken.
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