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La Grotta Del Formaggio: Oh whaat? You can get a souped up panini for $8 bucks and I had no idea? In other words, best panini ever.

La Grotta Del Formaggio: (A) 1791 Commercial (N) 604-255-3911
Okay I admit it. I had no intention of coming here. It was in the heat of the moment, we were driving down Commercial literally dying from being so hungry that I picked the first restaurant I saw on my urban spoon wish list (according to location). The only regret I have is not coming here sooner.

  • Half Focaccia ($7.28): Chipotle mayo, pesto mayo, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Havarti cheese, green olives, roasted peppers, hot pickled eggplant, lettuce, red onion, hot banana peppers, tomatoes and lettuce with italian parma prosciutto. The combination = winning. They don’t go cheap on the meats either, more than good enough portion of prosciutto even if it was an extra dollar, it was worth it. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil made this sandwich even better when it was toasted. Excellent choices of cheese they have available! I just love it!!! Total price? $8.50 Someone tell me what’s Subway again?
  • Half Focaccia ($7.28): Chipotle mayo, honey mustard, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Havarti cheese, all the vegetables listed but instead of the pickled eggplant I got marinated artichokes (extra $1). I picked turkey and lean hot capicollo for my meat. MY SANDWICH WAS CRAZY GOOD. It makes me feel even better because I picked out the winning combination myself. Makes you want to try every combination they offer. This dish takes a humble sandwich and turns it into something so insane yet so simple.

  • Amazing quality of meat and cheeses. I mean AMAZING selection. You know it’s fresh, they don’t pinch the meat at all, you get way more than a couple layers of meat. All the vegetable toppings you like. Some toppings are extra cost but if you get a half size bread, it’s only .50 cents.
  • Just because I’m so excited about this place and not that lazy today I will re-write what toppings they offer that I haven’t already mentioned. You can get roasted peppers (yummy), pickled eggplant, marinated artichokes, olive tapenade, sundried tomatoes are some of the veggies you can get for an extra cost. Green pesto sauce also an extra buck. Something I really gotta try next time!
  • Meat includes: Ham, Salami, turkey, capicollo, montreal smoked meat are your choices. For an extra cost you can get: natural roast beef, heritage turkey, sundried tomato turkey, homestyle cured jolly capicollo and prosciutto.
  • Cheese selection includes the following; swiss, havarti, mozzarella, provolone, edam, and bocconcini for an extra cost. Tell Subway that.
  • They have a large variety of imported items so it’s half a grocery store as well. I didn’t get a chance to look around so didn’t get anything else.
  • It’s not a sit down restaurant at all, there’s no tables inside. Pretty casual service, line up for your food, tell her what you want, she grills it and you pay. Outside the resto there is about 3 small tables, it was a nice day and luckily we came at a time when it wasn’t busy so we sat outside and enjoyed the sandwich.
  • Been told this place have been around forever like 50 years or something. Not a doubt that it will continue to be here for a long time. Any good sandwiches that can stand quality and price in VANCOUVER is going to last long.
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    1. iamonlyhereforthefood

      If I had to do a heads to heads comparison between La Charcuterie y La Grotta, I will give La Grotta an edge for one reason: not everybody lives near La Charcuterie! I do have one gotcha regarding both, though: too much deli meat == too much salt. But, they, then again, nowadays, most restaurants (ab)use salt anyway! As for not having a table, pfft, there are parks nearby so, unless it is raining or it is snowing (ha!), that is not a problem. Just don’t take one of the outside tables from Caffe Calabria. That could get you in deep $hi7 with the people from the cafe!

    2. La Charcuterie packs on meat and cheeses like its nobodies business! BUT, the quality of meat and selection is not even something you can compare to La Grotta! I just can’t put them both in the same sentence =/ its totally different in my opinion. The no table thing is not even an issue with me, I really don’t care but I do hate how Vancouver is lacking the investment in more benches and public seating especially with the bloom in food trucks, THERE’S NOWHERE TO EAT IN PUBLIC! If I drive 35 mins to Vancouver. And want a nice sit down meal, I can’t count on it here.. having said, I don’t care I order shit to go all the time and eat it in the car with my fingers.

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