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Fresh Local Wild: Perfect fried oysters sandwich and poutine galore.

Fresh Local Wild: (A) Burrard St & W Hastings St
Ever notice when I love an item so much I will literally snap every. single. angle. of it? I be a seriously skilled paparazzi.

  • Chicken Fried Oyster ‘Po-Boy’ ($10.50): Sawmill Bay jumbos, trailer made tartar, sesame seed bun… you know it’s serious when it got the word chicken and there’s no chicken. This is the BEST fried oyster sandwich I ever tasted in my living years… that’s A HUGE STATEMENT TO MAKE. I know!!!!!!! But it is. So have it today. And all week. (BTW I’M PRETTY PISSED AT MONKEY BOY FOR DROPPING HALF MY SANDWICH ON THE GROUND AND I’M EVEN MORE MAD THAT HE DROPPED IT NOT BUN FIRST BUT THE OTHER SIDE OR ELSE I WOULD’VE JUST DONE THE 5 SECOND RULE WHICH BTW IS FOR REAL, 5 SECONDS BACTERIA DOES NOT HAVE ENOGH TIME TO CRAWL ON SO SERIOUSLY I’M MAD. AND BECAUSE HE SAID “I BET YOU’RE GOING TO BLOG ABOUT HOW I DROPPED HALF OF THE SANDWICH” MAKES ME WANT TO STRANGLE HIM BECAUSE HE IS SO RIGHT). okay. that’s all.
  • B.C Fish Shawarma ($10.50): Halibut, salmon & cod in a pita. Looks delicious, although I didn’t try so I can’t even comment much but it does look delicious.
  • Seafood Chowder Poutine ($8.50): Salmon, cod, mussels, calms on fresh-cut fries. This thing came out in a small tiny clamshell box that couldn’t keep closed because it was overloaded with POUTINE. I mean nobody expected to see a mountain of fries like that. It was pretty scary man.. even the guys were shocked. You kind of just stand there frozen repeatedly saying “holy shit wtf”. The flavours were interesting, something completely different. To be honest, I wouldn’t order it again. A bit too much of a stew feeling, often I don’t mind vegetables (a lot of carrots) but eating a stew-poutine is not my cup of tea. There was just so much of everything all at once. This is a perfect example of how you can’t just simply combine EVERYTHING together hoping to work out some mad science fireworks of food chemistry. It is something you want to get if you’re dying hungry.
  • First truck I’ve seen with a little booth available! Pretty daaamn neat.
  • The truck was featured on my little buddy Diners Drive in and Dine
  • They stand by their slogan “real food real fast” because damn, there was a line up and our food came out quick as a lightening.
  • Fresh Local Wild (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon

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