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Pig On The Street: This food truck makes life beautiful and perfect.

Pig On The Street: (A) 700 Howe S (N) 604-828-1921

OMG, the best thing happened to me on Tuesday. I went on a food truck tour. Not really a tour, but we just walked around downtown and tried every food truck that attracted us. Best thing ever. I didn’t know if I really wanted to try Pig On The Street… until I saw that the truck is literally made out of bacon. I mean bacon heaven and I’m going to walk away from that? Over my dead body I will.

  • Pig LT ($8.95): Very few things in this world makes me as happy as bacon makes me. Well there’s my boyfriend but that’s whatever. I love bacon like before it even became the in thing to love. Loving bacon is a serious thing!! You feel it in your soul. And overtime, you will see in your soul, your gut, your thighs, your giggly ass. But that’s okay. Because bacon is yummy and so is this sandwich. Bacon LT is basically a flatbread with SMOKED DOUBLE BACON, tomato, avocado, cheddar, arugula, and maple mayo. Perfect combination of everything imaginable. Flatbread was this sandwich bff. I mean if you used any other flatbread, this would of been a 10ish. Not yet a full 10, but it’s almost there. But because of this flatbread it is a hard freaking 10.
  • Bacon & Cheddar Twisty Bread ($2): Does it make me silly that this was everything I ever dreamed of? I’m dead serious. A cheese stick with no, not bacon bits, no no no… a cheese stick with a WHOLE ENTIRE VISIBLE PIECE OF BACON CENTRED RIGHT IN THE SMACKING MIDDLE. Not to mention crunchy crispy cheese surrounding the outside? NO IT DOES NOT MAKE ME SILLY. It makes me silly if I didn’t try to eat this whole thing in one bite.
  • Bourbon Bacon and Caramel Brownie ($2): BACON makes me endlessly happy, as we all know. Though I am not loving the BACON EVERYTHING bandwagon. When I saw this, I was going back and fourth of thinking “ummm am I going to get this because it looks cool and it sounds kind of good/freaky/weird/baconisinit or do I really want to try it because I love it? I don’t know what answer I went with when I ate this but I’m going to say, bacon on everything makes the world go round. (or was it love? no i think it’s bacon)

  • All bacon everything food truck, how did this idea take 21 century…. like why so long? Why haven’t I thought of that idea? Oh I know, because I’m too busy eating bacon to think of anything.
  • Pretty fast service! The guys are pretty friendly and funny. They have these lil piggies and instead of calling out your name, they call out the piggy name. I was the HOGFATHER. That’s right. Me the hog father.
  • They’re right behind the art gallery, pretty hard to miss a pink food truck.
  • These porkies and us .. fine I have a lot in common. We are lazy, fat, and were from B.C!!! Yep, locally farm animals. I’m so on that train now. Grass fed, local farm organic animals are the way to go.
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    1. iamonlyhereforthefood

      But they don’t have bacon milkshake! (And, no, I am not making this up; I have had bacon milkshake before!)

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    3. doug

      mmm…a raw bacon twisty bread. looks putrid – like a piece of bacon that’s just been wrapped in pillsbury dough.

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