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A La Mode: Amazing delicious heavenly chicken pot pie here!

A La Mode: (A) 1689 Johnston St (N) 604-685-8335
It was such a hot day when monkey boy and I wind up on Granville Island. Buuuut. For the life of me, I can never say no to soup and pastry in one. Especially a chicken pot pie… my life is forever complete.

  • Chicken Pot Pie ($9.50): Slightly overpriced for the soup size, go figured it is Granville Island you’re eating at. Everything cost a bit more than usual. Someone please explain? Anyhow the soup is so good, very chunky with huge pieces of chicken. The fluffy puff pastry is my soft spot. Poke a spoon over it, let the goodness fall into more goodness and you got yourself heaven.
  • A la Mode offers a wide selection of homemade sweet and savoury pies
  • You can take home some stuff that you love. I’m wondering though if the pastry puff will be the same? I personally rather eat it on the spot. You?
  • Located inside the market, this area is usually less busier meaning if you have nowhere to sit down and eat, you’ll most likely find a spot here!
  • A La Mode on Urbanspoon

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    1. iamonlyhereforthefood

      I personally prefer the soup stand kitty corner this place. Probably because I am cheap and I think what A La Mode offers is kind of expensive??? :P

      • Do they have amazing soup + puff !?!?! I’M IN if they do. I actually remember this time around a couple of places you recommended (yes Kim I thought of you awwwww) I was going to take home some sausages but went with Five Guys for dinner instead :P

        • iamonlyhereforthefood

          If you are willing to replace puff -> bread, then the answer is yes.

          I was going to take home some sausages but went with Five Guys for dinner instead

          Do you realize this can be mis-interpreted in some odd ways, right? :P

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