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Cupcakes: I love you red velvet.

Cupcakes: (A) 1168 Denman St (N) 604-974-1300
Lemme tell you how to scare off 3 guys twice (and more) your weight with a single cupcake. Are you ready? Okaaay so, after raping 4 food trucks in less than 2 hours, while they’re all whining about how terribly full they are. YOU GO AROUND THE CORNER AND ORDER THE BEST RED VELVET CUPCAKE IN TOWN AND EAT IN IT 2 BITES. Yep. I deserve a belt of some sort.

I can’t even deny the fact that I love red velvet like it birthed me.
I once experienced a stage where I literally couldn’t walk out of the store with anything less than a dozen oh and at least once a week.

I actually sort of inhibit a cupcake eating disorder obsession whatever you want to call in for awhile. I don’t bake as much anymore, but I still love baking, it’s my kind of cheap therapy.

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