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Lee’s Donut: Huge apple fritter the size of my head, I love you.

Lee’s Donut: (A) 1689 Johnston St (N) 604-685-4021

  • We ordered 3 donuts in Chocolate glazed, chocolate crunch and especially must need the honey dip. The donuts are all made fresh daily. 3 donuts for $4.37 is not a bad deal. They will almost never disappoint and when I say almost I’m referring to don’t eat this before you start your meal, that’s what I did. Bad bad bad choice but in a very very good way. No regrets.
  • Apple fritter large ($5.25). What’s better than an apple fritter? A large one!! I had to get all 3 pictures of my lovely apple fritter, dunno why don’t ask but I felt it needed the extra attention because of how good it is. I’m not even going to lie, I ate all of these donuts to myself. I don’t know how I’m not obese yet either.
  • Located inside Granville Island market.
  • Always selling out really fast, especially on weekends. Come early.
  • They sell crepes and other stuff here too. I go here for donuts, tell me if the other items are any good. Cinnamon buns, muffins even large ones!
  • Get the honey dip fresh and hot!!!!!!! And apple fritter the size of my head. Eat it all like I did.
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    1. Okay Kim, that is WAY bigger than a head. Maybe even 2 heads hahaha!!! VERY IMPRESSSIVE!! Where is PICA?

      • iamonlyhereforthefood

        PICA == Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. It is at the entrance of Granville Island. They have a bakery as well as a sit down restaurant – both managed by students to given them a chance to “work” in real world situation.

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