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Lhy Thai: I almost cried here. The end.

Lhy Thai: (A) 7357 Edmonds St (N) 604-526-8085
I am a firm believer that EVERYTHING should taste like gold when you’re hungry. I mean, even cardboard. Sprinkle some salt pepper sugar maybe MSG on it and it should be fine. RIGHT?!?!? WRONG. I was proven WRONG. Point of story, do not go here especially on an empty stomach. God had no intentions of letting me eat that day. That’s all I can remember. Straved myself to death til 8:30 PM, searched on urban spoon (82% almost 500 people voted) and this place popped up. Luckily we were VERY close by. I don’t know if the people voted or said it was good was drunk or never had Thai food before because after 5 mins of being seated.. ohhh man, one conclusion.. cheap version of the hangover 2.

I don’t even want to bother pointing out menu items and talking about it from this place. Yeah, it sucked that bad. I’m not even lazy, it just sucked. Okay.. here is a little vent for you. I walked into the place with a bit of higher expectation than normal just because of the ratings (bad bad bad I know) but I did okay! Just to emphasize it again, I WAS 8 PM EMPTY STOMACH HUNGRY. Meaning if you shoved shit down my throat, I will probably claim it’s good (ew please let’s move on). We were looking at the menu over and over again, there was A LOT of traditional Thai food missing from the menu, like very very traditional. It’s almost like walking into a Viet resto and not seeing pho on the menu. Minus 1 point.

Then we ordered and asked if the pad thai is made from ketchup. His replied almost made me want to walk out — if only my stomach was backing me up I WOULD’VE WALKED OUT. He said bluntly “oh yes it’s made from ketchup only because people aren’t use to tamarind sauce. “oh…………. k”. Minus 3 points.

The Tom Yum Soup, no realistic Thai flavours here. Barely taste any of the lemongrass. We ordered everything in hot (spiciness level) according to them hot meant no spiciness at all. That’s nice. Minus a million points.

Let’s be a repetitive asshole. I almost cried here. The end.

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  1. iamonlyhereforthefood

    I will admit I was one of the people who liked Lhy Thai. It seems you hit a “bad” day or things have change since. My major issue with them is that, at dinner time, even for take out, it is literally impossible. I called once for pick up and I was told 30 minutes wait, which ended up being close to one hour. Sorry, that’s that part of Burnaby for you…

    • Really? I should’ve added we came here around 8:30-9 and was the only one in the restaurant. They made our food in 10 minutes. *shivers*

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