Who is this fat panda?

1. I am a girl, self explanatory
2. I like cooking. But baking waaaay more.
3. I love food is an understatement
4. I got the name fat panda because the conversation went something like this
ME: Did you know pandas eat up to 14 hours a day?
Boyfriend: So that would make you a panda right?
5. Vietnamese, born in Thailand, raised in Canada (pretty multicultural huh)
6. I don’t have a fave food because see #3, which means I love everything
7. The above statement is a lie because now I remember I hate peas and brussel sprouts. If you can make me brussel spouts and have me like em.. I dunno.. you’re an alien.
8. I once ate a whole dozen of krispy kreme all to myself. I was 10 or 11.
9. I tried all the Ben&Jerry flavors except that cherry one.
(I also for 2 months straight ate Ben&Jerry every night *insert serious face*)
10. I’ll probably die from a food coma one day =(


11. I recently beat my boyfriend at a wings eating contest, 54 wings in one sitting. Yea.

Email: fatpandavan@live.com


  1. hehe how can you NOT eat krispy kremes at least a dozen or two at a time ever :] we’re like soulmate tummybuddies :] lets grub

    • Panda

      Like I always say.. You only live once. So eat whatever the hell you want, when you want >=)

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  3. francesco

    Im JUST like you! :D

    Im currently living in Kelowna going to school out here but born & raised in Calgary. Im passionately obsessed with cooking and finding all the pearls of reciepes during my travels at various restaurants so i can incorporate them into my dishes.

    Im always on the lookout for true foodies like you to add to my kick-ass foodie circle! Add me on facebook panda! We got to go on a foodie run sometime! :D

    ciao for now,

    francesco ;)

  4. jay

    Just wondering do you have any food back ground? Or just another blogger who knows nothing?

    If you want to blog about restaurant, get in one start from the dish area and work your way up.

    Other wise keep your words to yourself.

    • Hmm that’s interesting. Haha, I don’t profit out of my blog whatsoever, if I was to actually be making an income from this shitty WordPress thing, then yes like you, I would expect myself to have culinary background. I talk about it all the time throughout my post that I dont like food “bloggers” whom assume themselves to be food “critic” because they have access to the Internet. Anyway, to sum it up, I love food enough to spend time on it. I believe you can talk about anything your heart desires out of love. Thanks for the thought, have a good day.

  5. Hello ! I ws wondering if you still use your email (fatpandavan@live.ca). If not what is your current address ? I want to contact you about a cool promotions opportunity for your blog. :)

    • Yes that email address is still being operated by myself. Please feel free to email me. Thanks!

  6. BroPaulito

    Just another average asian grrl who loves eating, loves talking about how much food she eats, loves taking pictures of food…ect. ect.
    Moving on..

  7. cupcake

    Wow… why are there so many mean comments?
    If you don’t like what you read on someone’s blog… then don’t read! geez :\
    I didn’t know you needed a degree on sharing your opinions on food. Or you had to be out of the ordinary to write a blog… An average girl that shares same interest with many others… Is that even a bad thing? :s

    I randomly stumbled upon your blog from urbanspoon because reading restaurant reviews is a hobby of mine… yep… I have a very exciting life lol =D
    I only read a few entries and so far I like your writing and enjoyed the pictures and reviews.
    I ordinarily don’t bother to write comments but found those rude comments and wanted to show you there are people that genuinely enjoy reading fun food blogs like yours, so keep doing your thing. =)

    • Awwww thank you so much for your kind words! It’s fine I dont find them mean at all. Like I’ve said the beauty of the internet is if you don’t like what you see there’s a delete button for That haha I don’t pay much attention to negative comments. Never affected me :)

  8. anna

    wow do you really eat this much? how are you so skinny? im an asian girl myself and im thin by american standards but average for asian standards (5’4, 110lbs) but honestly i diet and exercise like crazy to stay that way (i know it’s not cool to admit that-i’d much rather be able to say i can eat like a trucker and stay tiny). im jealous that so many of my fellow asian girls apparently get to eat krispy kremes by the dozens and pints of ben and jerrys every day and be so tiny.

    • I’m 4’11 and I am quite small frame for my height. I’m around 95-97 lbs depending on the food baby for the day. Contrary to what you may think, I use to be quite “chubby”. My heaviest was at 120, and I get called chubby from all the asian relatives!! I’m “skinnier” now, because I am a huge believer in eating healthy. I eat clean 80% of the time and workout 6 times a week. I just don’t like depriving myself from good food. I workout to eat! :)

  9. Really strange to see any negative comments here. Just came about this blog while browsing through an Urban Spoon review! Always nice to see a food enthusiast blog about local restaurants :) Keep it up! I’ll probably be linking you on my blog as well from now on.

  10. Really strange to see any negative comments here. Just came about this blog while browsing through an Urban Spoon review! Always nice to see a food enthusiast blog about local restaurants Keep it up! I’ll probably be linking you on my blog as well from now on.

  11. Fat Panda is a very deceiving name for a lady that is totally eye candy with my rating of 10.0

  12. John

    That panda got an 7.0 and you are still a 10.0

    By the way I got two pizzas from Big Mamas in Langley, thanks for the tip, both I and my brother enjoyed these pizzas. We have not had much luck until tonight and are stuffed for good.

    • That’s good, glad to hear. But if you want real good pizza and don’t mind the drive. Try Fire Pizza on Commercial. Best $2 you can spend on.

  13. John

    Thanks for the heads up on pizza, but I cannot drive to any of these places since five years ago, I can only see your beautiful face on this site and fell in love with you even if you are connected with someone else. Please accept this as a compliment rather than an aggression. Again thanks for the tip.


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