Fat Panda’s Favourite

In no particular order, unless.. it’s free, jk. Not really.

Garlic Bagel – Siegels Bagels
Chicken Pot Pie – A La Mode
BBQ Pork Bun – Newtown Barkery
Fries – Memphis Blue
Garlic Fries – Big River
Beer Battered Fries – Central City Brewing
Bacon & Duck Rilette Poutine – Edible Canada
ACC Fries – American Cheesesteak
Chinese Salted Donuts – Max Noodle
Jumbo Fries – Fritz

The Thirst Is Real
Hot Chocolate – Truffles
El Caesar – Local Public Eatery
Ultimate Caesar – Sammy J’s Pepper
Signature Caesar – Rodney’s Oysters
Ferrero Rocher BBT – Bubble Queen

Sugar For dinner
Red Velvet Cake – Ganache Patisserie
Chocolate Pistachio Brownie – The Dirty Apron
Apple Fritter – Lees Donut
Rocher Macaron – Soirette
Nutella Beaver Tail – Beaver Tails
Chocolate Pistachio Macaron – Thierry
Chocolate Buffet – Fleuri
Red Velvet Cake – Sammy J’s
Pie – Hilltop Diner
White Chocolate Brownie – Moxie Classic Grill
Peanut Butter & Jam Donut – Lucky’s Doughnuts

Pulled pork – Memphis Blues
Roasted Duck, Roasted Pork, BBQ Pork – BBQ Master
Burnt Ends – The Hog Shack
Butter Beef & Chicken Wings – Phomn Penh
Special Spicy Chicken – Choi House
Hainenese Chicken – Cafe D’Lite
Chicken Wings – Wo Fung
Chicken – Lee’s Chicken

Sunday Morning Hungover Brunch
Everything on their menu – Oakwood Bistro
Morning Glory Benedict – Fray Fraser
Dim sum – Fishermans Terrace
Crisp Pork Belly – The Red Wagon
Eggs Benny – Round Up Cafe
Dimsum – King Do

Worth Every Single Calories
Cheesy Grilled Cheese – Ricky’s All Day Grill
Duck Confit – The Red Wagon
Oxtail w/ Rice – Taste Nice
Banh Ouc/Banh Mi- Au Petit
Killer Ahi Tuna Tacos – Joey
Ja Jang Myun – Hee Rae Dung
Fish & Chips – Moby Dick
Beer Battered Poutine – Mean Poutine
Classic Poutine – Zogs Dog
Onion Niblets – Lee’s Chicken
Prosciutto e Rucola + Funghi – Verace Pizzeria
Roasted Lamb Plate – Mr Greek
Chicken Plate – Donair Affair

Burger Gang … Or Die
Jimmy’s Special BurgerJimmy’s Place
Legendary Splitz Burger – Splitz Grill
Rodeo Star Burger – Romers
Bacon Cheeseburger – Five Guys
Mozza Burger – Hilltop Diner

Go Make Me A Sandwich
Lamb Au Jus – Subeez
Cattleman’s Beef Dip – Big River Brew
Oyster’s Poboy – Crawfish King
Short Rib Sandwich – Central City Brewing
Terimayo Hotdog – Japadog
Farmers Sausage – Aree’s Dawg House
Chicken Fried Oyster’s Poboy – Fresh Local Wild
Pig LT – Pig On The Street
Panini – La Grotta Del Formaggio
Banh Mi – Tung Hinh Bakery
Nazi Sandwich – La Charcuterie Delicatessen
Le Bifteck – American Cheesesteak
Meatball Sub – Golden Pizza
Beef Brisket Sandwich – Burger Heaven
Charlie Macdog – Dougiedog
Chicken Donair – Donair Affair

When You Feel Sick (or not)
Tortila Soup – Bandidas Taqueria
Seabass Congee – Congee Noodle House
Tom Yum Noodle Soup w/ Yam Noodle – Deer Garden
Tom Yum Noodle Soup – Cattle Cafe
Decadent French Onion – Burgoo

To Be Continue

As always, let me know if you have something worthy to share.


  1. kev

    I came by this blog after reading some reviews of Soirette.

    Have you tried Cartems Donuterie in gastown? Its on Hastings and Carrel. I’ve been meaning to try it but haven’t had the time. Let me know if its any good!

    • I actually just heard about them recently. I will try as soon as I get my butt in Gastown. It looks delicious though!!

      • mark

        ok finally tried it. really good.. they make their donuts in batches, line ups are long, and you need to get there a few mins before opening (10am)

        I tried a bit of everything and i’d say carrot cake has the best texture (crunchy exterior), but earl grey has the best taste (subtle and make sure you drink water if you sampled other flavors)

      • MMHMMM!!!!! I haven’t got a chance to try it because every time I come they’re either done for the day or closed :(!!! I will make it a mission to come early in the morning

  2. iggyo

    Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery in New West! THE best gluten free stuff in the city!

  3. godzilla

    You should try Pho Tam (behind the Safeway @104/King George). Make sure you go into the correct Pho restaurant. There are 2 in the small plaza. My favourite place on this side of the river.

    • @godzilla not really a fan of Pho Tam. Use to be years back. I feel like their audience are a bit on the non-vietnamese side. Nothing wrong with that, I guess different expectations?

  4. Cartems Donuterie is absolutely delicious!!
    If you have ever tried Voodoo Donuts in Portland, you will fall in love with the neighbour best kept donut secret.
    Try the earl grey donut… NOM!!!

  5. Steffi

    Have you tried CC violin patisserie in west van yet? They have THE most amazing little cakes and Sandwiches

  6. Steve

    Have you ever heard of the Nero Belgian Waffle Bar? I heard its amazing but I’m waiting for a friend to finish exams before I go.

  7. Jason brown

    will not say they are good but have you tried East Van Roasters? noticed you like hot chocolate and some other items possibly with chocolate. personally I can never seem to get there when they are open and i live across the street!

  8. Steve

    I heard the Spud Shack at New Westminster skytrain is really good. My friend had a pulled pork poutine and it looked very legit

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